Pony Club Quiz Rally

The Quiz Rally is a learning event organized by Pony Club, aimed at promoting a thorough understanding of the material covered at each certification level. It is an interactive and fun way to learn horsemanship and horse care, and it also provides opportunities for members to display good sportsmanship, leadership, stewardship, and teamwork.

The Five Phases Of Quiz Rally

Classroom - Members are asked individual questions which they must answer orally in a specific amount of time.

Stations - Teams move through a variety of ‘stations’ and answer questions as a team. The stations may be written, hands-on, or even games. 

Mega Room - The Mega-Room phase is composed of tables displaying various horse-related items. Each item is identified by matching them with an answer sheet given to each participant. This phase is completed individually within a set time limit. 

Barn - In the Barn phase, participants are asked questions in a barn-like setting and are required to demonstrate their knowledge through hands-on tasks. To ensure safety, all participants must wear appropriate footwear for working in a barn environment. Additionally, the Barn phase may be held outdoors, so participants should be prepared for any weather conditions that may occur. 

Written Test - The final phase is an individual, multiple-choice test each team member must complete. It is specific to the member’s certification and includes a tie-breaker question at the end.


Pony Club provides opportunities for members who excel at Quiz to participate in international events such as the North American Quiz Challenge. The Quiz Rally is the only discipline in Pony Club where a member does not need a horse to compete, it is purely based on knowledge of horses and of the Pony Club disciplines.