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Foretold Heights

Horse Boarding

Horse Boarding

Field Board

Field board is $600/month.

  • Two feedings of grain and free choice hay
  • Turn out - in groups of 2-4 with access to shelter
  • Biannual fecal test

Add a stall for inclement weather - additional $100/month

Example of inclement weather: heavy rain, electrical storms, or freezing temperatures. (The horse is only in for the weather event, not for heat or mud.) Blanketing is included. (Blanket must be provided by owner.)

Full Stall Board 

Full stall board is $800/month.

  • Dedicated stall with either day or night turnout & twice daily stall cleaning
  • Two feedings of grain and free choice hay
  • Turn out - in groups of 2-4
  • Biannual fecal test
  • Blanketing in winter (blanket must be provided by owner)

Lay-Up Board

Full-time in stall or round pen with no turnout - $750/month

Each lay-up boarded horse receives the following:

  • Free-choice hay 
  • Pelleted feed of choice
  • Administration of owner-provided supplements or oral medications
  • Biannual fecal testing
  • Small group turn-out
  • Daily inspection of horse (looking for any health problems or injuries)
  • Scheduling of farrier and veterinarian appointments 
  • On-site barn management

Horse Feed Choices

  1. Up to 7/lb daily of premium pelleted grain
  2. Up to 6/lb daily of premium grain (such as senior or low starch)
  3. Up to 3/lb daily of grass pellets with mineral supplement

Additional Boarding Services

  • Summer - fan - $50/month
  • Trailer parking - $25/month
  • Blanketing - Included
  • Hold for vet/farrier - Included
  • Additional grain - $.75/lb
  • Additional charge for supplements taken on a case by case basis
  • Alfalfa - $100/month for 3-4 lb daily
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